Considering Nature Versus Nurture in Egg Donation

Thursday , 5, January 2017 Leave a comment

Both egg donor recipients and egg donors like to understand the facts of egg donation before embarking on this route. One of the issues that often brings many questions is the long standing debate of nature versus nurture. Donor egg recipients who are of the opinion that nature has a stronger role than nurture require extensive information on personality traits egg donation Phoenix, family background, etc. Egg donors who contribute their genetic make-up also have a need to understand the impact of the child and its ultimate life – away from the genetic contributor. Egg donation means conceiving with donor eggs, so genetically there is a gift on the part of the egg donor and for the recipient – a receipt of genetic material. So how much of this genetic material contributes to the child’s total make-up. Nature versus nurture!

The answer is not an exact science as people will never have a chance to relive exact lives. In other words, no two circumstances can ever be the same. Having said this, several scientific studies have been undertaken which consider the resulting impact of environment and genetics on aspects such as personality, philosophy free will, interests, strengths and intellect. This research is the outcome considering adoptive children, genetic siblings and identical twins. Several conflicting views also exists amongst reputable philosophers about the impact of nature versus nurture. To the extent that an environment also influences traits or genetics of a next generation are also ongoing studies.

Essentially for recipients considering egg donation and trying to understand the impact of the genes on their child is quite a complex and unknown area. What is fact is that receiving donor eggs affords recipients with a chance that would otherwise have been impossible and the ultimate decision of whether egg becomes baby is a divine one, so recipients of donor eggs are guided to also make a spiritual decision on the selection of their egg donor. Considering donor eggs, it may well be worthwhile for recipients to discuss their views with their egg donor agent and request such assistance in find the right profiles person to accommodate their views and belief structures. Ultimately this is an important decision and people want to feel that they have made the best possible decision considering all the information at hand and really equipped themselves to understand as much as possible to optimise the process and divine decision for themselves too.